The IAYG World Geography Challenge is the IAYG’s flagship competition for students – a world-class academic competition inspiring students to explore physical and human geography, environmental issues, and geospatial studies. A uniquely community-based competition, the Challenge is conducted at both local and national levels.

About the World Geography Challenge

The IAYG World Geography Challenge (WGC) is the IAYG’s global system of geography competitions, held at local, regional, and national levels. Inspiring students to discover the field of geography and apply it to solve real-world problems, this engaging competition showcases the best of geography. The exact administration of the competition can vary from region to region depending on the specific needs and circumstances of the educational community, but follows the same general format. In most regions, the competition is structured as a team competition – schools send teams with individual and team-based events. The Challenge is conducted as a one-day event, consisting of geographic application events in the morning (spatial thinking, geocaching, and map interpretation) and a Geography Bowl questions competition in the afternoon.

Beyond World Geography Challenges organised today, we’re working to bring the World Geography Challenge to every interested community in the world! If you are interested in participating, click below to create an IAYG World Geography Challenge access account. After creating an account, you will be able to learn more about the WGC in your community, register for the competition, and manage your participation in your local Challenge.

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Help Organise an IAYG Challenge in Your Area

Local coordinators play a critical role in making IAYG World Geography Challenges possible – if you care about advancing geographic education and inspiring young people in your community through this great programme, we invite you to join us in bringing the Challenge to your community! If you are interested in helping organise a World Geography Challenge, click below to get in touch with an IAYG representative. You will hear back within three (3) business days.

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Learn more about the World Geography Challenge

To learn more about the World Geography Challenge, download the competition overview below:

IAYG World Geography Challenge – Competition Overview 

Latest Updates from the IAYG and the IAYG University Society System:

4 June 2018

Information sessions for this year’s IAYG-AGTI World Geography Challenge – Talent Test in Chennai, India are beginning soon! In preparation for this year’s Challenge in the fall, the IAYG will hold a number of local and virtual information sessions. Official dates, times, and website information will be publicly on 25 June. If you are interested in participating, reach out to the South Asia Global Communications office at to learn more!

19 May 2018

The IAYG in Oman is calling for educators and professors to assist in the organization of Oman’s first IAYG World Geography Challenge! To learn more, visit or email the Middle East & North Africa Global Communications office at to learn more!

15 May 2018

The Geographic Society of the University of the Philippines (GSUP), the official branch of the IAYG University Society System at the University of the Philippines – Diliman, successfully hosted the 8th Philippine Geography Olympiad! The leading national geography competition of the Philippines, the Society’s Olympiad is advancing geographic education for students all over the country. The Society plans to host the event again next year in February 2019.

Interested? Visit to learn more about the Olympiad!