From the IAYG’s international leadership, to regional and national executive teams, to local volunteers working in every community, the IAYG’s leadership in geographic education and youth empowerment is powered by the dedication of its people.

If you care about the empowerment of young people, we invite you to join us as an IAYG Community Volunteer! Teams of IAYG Community Volunteers – professors, educators, community members, business leaders, students, and more – play critical roles advancing the IAYG’s mission on a local level: strengthening geographic & global education, empowering youth, and creating opportunities for students and educators.

About IAYG Community Volunteers

IAYG Community Volunteers are on the frontlines of the IAYG’s impact. Teams of IAYG Community Volunteers in each community help organise IAYG programmes (i.e. educator workshops), recruit for IAYG programmes, and expand IAYG operations at the local level alongside IAYG regional and national leadership. They also work closely with other components of the IAYG family, like the IAYG University Society System, to advance opportunities for young people.

Who can become an IAYG Community Volunteer?

If you care about education and youth empowerment, we want you! IAYG Community Volunteers are professors, educators, businesspeople, students, and any interested community member. Time commitments are flexible, and can be tailored to the needs of each volunteer. To become a Community Volunteer, prospective volunteers should fill the enquiry form. Afterward, an IAYG regional representative will reach out, discuss requirements, and get you in touch with current Community Volunteers in your community.