Give to help create opportunity for young people. If you believe in equal access to educational opportunity and the empowerment of youth, we invite you to join us by supporting the IAYG! Your commitment to our mission helps us empower young people and build a more globally aware, culturally connected, and environmentally conscious world.

Donations to the IAYG are tax-deductible in the United States and many countries where we work. If you have questions about whether your gift is tax-deductible, please contact to learn more.

Why Geographic & Global Education Matters

In an interconnected world, geographic & global education is not just critical for individual success – it is the pathway to globally aware, environmentally conscious, culturally connected societies ready for the economic realities of the twenty-first century. In a fractured world, global education helps bring societies together. Your support helps us advance that goal.

Our commitment to your generosity

At the IAYG, we deeply value your generosity for young people, which is why we guarantee that every cent of your contribution will go directly to them. For all donations made here, the IAYG guarantees that 100% of your donation here will go towards programmes that directly serve students & educators, and are never used for administrative costs and overhead. Furthermore, for each donation big or small, we will send you a report with a breakdown of how your donation was used to benefit students.

Flexibility in giving

We want you to have confidence in the programmes you support. As a donor, you have a variety of options to support the IAYG, including donating directly to specific IAYG programmes or regional operations. If you have no preference, we recommend a general donation to the IAYG, which allows us to better distribute funds in a way that will benefit the most students.

Donations Options

Donate to the IAYG


Donate to a specific programme


Donate to a specific region


Corporate Sponsorships

Corporate sponsorships help strengthen programmes that specifically benefit student communities (including some of the world’s most vulnerable children), while increasing brand visibility for young talent. Businesses need global understanding in the workplace to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world – and we all benefit from more educated, connected societies. We invite you to join our worldwide work toward those goals!

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