The IAYG’s research initiatives and research competitions give early career researchers opportunities to move the entire disciplines of geography and global studies forward.

The IAYG believes that cutting-edge research in geography can help us better understand the world and improve communities – and  we are committed to supporting young & early career geographers in leading the field. From mapping out pollution and its impact on public health to better protect children, to analyzing the land subject to rising sea levels to keep homes safe, to mapping blind spots in how communities deal with crime, geographic research can move all of our communities forward.

The IAYG and IAYG University Societies operate research competitions, often as part of standalone events. To receive updates on research competitions in your region, sign up below:

Research Competitions News from the IAYG and IAYG Alliances for Young Researchers

The IAYG is sponsoring a research paper award for young and early career geographers at the 2018 IGU Regional Conference in Québec, Canada. The conference is one of the most influential events in geography in the world – and the IAYG is committed to advancing the field of geography and ensuring that early career researchers can help lead geography’s future. To learn more about the event, visit

Congratulations to the winners of the Early Career poster competition at the XI India IGU Conference on Environment and Sustainable Livelihood in Guwahati, Assam, India, sponsored by the IGU’s  Young & Early Career Geographers Taskforce! Early career geographers are taking on cutting-edge research that is redefining how geography can benefit communities.

The IAYG is proud to support the great team at the IGU Taskforce, working in tandem to advance great research from young people. To learn more about the IGU Young & Early Career Geographers Taskforce, and how you can participate, visit