The IAYG is proud to work with governments, institutions, companies, and organisations big and small to better serve students and educators. If you are interested in partnering with the IAYG, joining an IAYG alliance, becoming a local affiliate, or requesting organisational support, we invite you to reach out.

Our commitment to great partnerships

We deeply value our partnerships with other organisations, including programmatic, organisational, and funding partnerships – all to empower more students & educators together. The IAYG, Coalition for Youth Community Leadership, IAYG Humanitarian Mapping Initiative, and all other components of the IAYG family have long built fruitful partnerships with governments, companies, institutions, and other nonprofit organisations. We invite you to reach out and learn more about how we can work together to improve education.

Our commitment to supporting other organisations

As a worldwide institution in geographic education and youth empowerment, we are also proud to closely support other efforts around the world that share our commitment to geographic education, youth empowerment, and/or leadership in sustainable development. For example, IAYG-backed organisations receive the full backing of the IAYG and are welcomed to the IAYG family, with comprehensive logistical support of the IAYG and the Coalition for Youth Community Leadership to expand, improve, and scale.

Please note that this form is for enquiries about partnerships with the IAYG, the IAYG Coalition for Youth Community Leadership, the IAYG Humanitarian Mapping Initiative, IAYG-backed organisations, and/or all other components of the IAYG family. If you are the representative of a national government or institution interested in working with the Global Geography Curriculum Development Programme (GGCDP), please visit