The IAYG’s MaxiTeach programme provides curated educational materials, resources, and lesson plans in geography, geology, and social studies to educators around the world – all at no charge. By taking care of classroom materials, MaxiTeach empowers educators to focus on what matters most: instilling a world-class education in students.

How can I sign up for MaxiTeach?

To begin, educators or community advisers can register for MaxiTeach below. After signing up, you will hear back within three (3) days once your registration is confirmed.

How does MaxiTeach work?

After registration, you will be able to submit MaxiTeach requests. In each request, you can describe the kinds of materials, resources, and lesson plans you need (along with the standards/learning objectives you wish to align them with and specific requests). MaxiTeach programme development teams will receive the request (upon which you will receive a confirmation), and send a package of appropriate high-quality curated lessons, graphics, and maps developed specifically to your classroom’s request. These materials are then sent in Microsoft Word or PDF form by email within three (3) days, no matter the day of the year (even weekends and holidays). Registrants can send unlimited requests.

How much does MaxiTeach cost?

Registering and participating in MaxiTeach is always free, all the time. By providing comprehensive classroom resources to educators year-round, we hope to ensure that every teacher has the high-quality educational materials they need – helping you unleash the potential of your classroom.

Updates from MaxiTeach

5 May 2018

After a yearlong expansion, MaxiTeach is now available worldwide in English, French, and Spanish! Originally introduced by IAYG Australia and Oceania, MaxiTeach is a truly unique programme. As the only on-demand classroom resources and lesson plans programme of its kind, MaxiTeach allows any educator, anywhere to receive carefully tailored educational materials based on specific requests, all at no charge, built by the programme development teams of a leading organisation in geographic education.