The IAYG’s new Juvenext initiative supports and scales the world’s most innovative youth-driven community solutions that use community & global understanding to advance sustainable development: unleashing the impact of groundbreaking ideas in conservation, health, hunger, poverty, education, and other systemic challenges. For inventive community initiatives, this uniquely youth-focused programme offers the broad-based organisational support of the IAYG and its respected global partners, logistical and/or funding support, expert mentorship, and the opportunity to scale local solutions continent-wide!

About Juvenext
The Juvenext Community Solutions Initiative is a worldwide incubator for innovative youth-driven solutions to sustainable development on community levels. Juvenext-selected solutions receive the comprehensive backing of the IAYG and Juvenext global partners, some of the world’s leading institutions in education and youth empowerment, as well as long-term logistical and/or funding support, expert mentorship, relationships with governmental partners, and opportunities for advancement through the IAYG. Through the worldwide scale of the IAYG and its partners, Juvenext helps scale solutions and their impact continent-wide. Furthermore, by bringing together leading sustainable development youth initiatives, Juvenext connects and strengthens information-sharing among top youth innovators.

Juvenext is currently in a trial stage. The programme officially opens to the public 25 July 2018.

Proposal Eligibility
Juvenext is uniquely focused on tapping the potential and innovation of young people. With that in mind, individuals under the age of 35 must comprise at least 70% of solution proposal teams. To promote student-driven innovation, at least one-quarter of Juvenext-selected solutions are also reserved for proposals for which at least 70% of solution proposal teams are composed of individuals under the age of 25.

Regional Eligibility
In 2018, Juvenext project submissions will be open to solutions geared towards communities in Africa and South/Southeast Asia. Applicants from other regions are welcome to apply, too, as Juvenext project acceptances will open to more regions as the programme expands.

Prospective Applicants

Juvenext works to support the world’s most promising, innovative, and impactful youth-driven solutions in sustainable development. Apply today to find out if your solution, project, or initiative could become part of Juvenext!

Prospective Partners

We welcome international and local organisations, governments, youth-led organisations, and more to join Juvenext as programmatic and outreach partners. To learn more, contact the IAYG at the link below.

Contact the IAYG for Juvenext Partnerships