The IAYG’s new Humanitarian Mapping Initiative (HMI) mobilises the IAYG and its partners’worldwide networks of geographers, geography students, and community volunteers to apply geographic analysis for humanitarian support and disaster recovery, including in partnership with international networks and humanitarian organisations. Through IAYG HMI, people of all ages, backgrounds, and places are using geography to better communities and help save lives.

What is humanitarian mapping?

Humanitarian mapping is use of open-source collaborative mapping and geographic analysis to tackle humanitarian challenges – from reducing community disaster risk to mapping communities devastated by war to supporting NGO responses to refugee crises. By helping planners, NGOs, and governments visualise communities, better understand areas and people prone to humanitarian disaster, and ultimately improve service delivery, humanitarian mapping is critical to humanitarian aims and sustainable development.

What is IAYG HMI?

As an international institution in geography & global studies connecting geographers, educators, and students in the realm around the world, the IAYG is committed to supporting and expanding the reach of humanitarian mapping. The Humanitarian Mapping Initiative unifies all efforts within the IAYG family in the realm of humanitarian mapping and leads the IAYG’s work in the field. HMI is a key component of the IAYG’s broader mission: advancing geography and geography’s potential to improve communities and benefit livelihoods.

How can I participate?

Throughout 2018, the various humanitarian mapping activities of IAYG regional branches, IAYG University Societies/youth initiatives, and IAYG-affiliated schools will be consolidated into the HMI. At the same time, all such divisions of the IAYG family will begin participation in the new unified effort, and international programmes will be accessible from the IAYG HMI website. Individuals who are outside the IAYG network can also join the IAYG’s humanitarian mapping efforts by signing up as an HMI affiliate at the website.

To learn more, join, or partner with IAYG HMI, visit the official HMI website below:

Visit the Humanitarian Mapping Initiative