IAYG-affiliated university geography & earth sciences departments are united in their commitment to advancing research, programmatic opportunities, and professional support in geography, geology, and global studies. By becoming an affiliated department, you join a worldwide network of departments participating in academic information exchange, professor/lecturer mentorship and student programmes.

Connecting leading centres of learning in global studies

As an IAYG-affiliated university department, your university department becomes connected to an expanding network of centres of learning facilitating information-sharing and departmental exchanges. Affiliated university departments in each region conduct seminars, events, and other professional gatherings to enhance understanding in the field. Furthermore, in nations where the local geography professional alliance or national-level university consortium is an IAYG-backed organisation, members of IAYG-affiliated departments automatically become members. For example, in Liberia, IAYG-affiliated department professors and lecturers automatically become members of the Liberian Association of Geographers.

Enhancing programmatic partnerships

IAYG-affiliated university departments are invited to participate in region-wide IAYG and IAYG affiliate programmes, like efforts for mentoring & supporting young researchers. Depending on the region, affiliated departments also collaborate extensively in mentorship and research development programmes that enhance the status of learning and research at each institution.

Expanding access to world-class student and faculty programmes

IAYG-affiliated university departments enjoy direct access to IAYG student initiatives (like the al-Idrisi Research Initiative and GeoInterns) and enhanced classroom integration programmes for these initiatives – improving quality of education and professional opportunities for students served by each department.

Becoming an IAYG-affiliated department allows you to advance research, strengthen institutional partnerships, and improve student programmes – all at no cost! Begin the process of registration today: