Through the IAYG Coalition for Youth Community Leadership (CYCLE), the IAYG, CYCLE alliance organisations, governments, and IAYG-backed organisations are empowering young people to tackle global challenges in education and sustainable development. From bringing young people into national and community service, to engaging young people in education advocacy, the Coalition is focused on one goal – mobilising young people to change the world.

Globalizing impact

CYCLE’s founding principle is that with a global perspective, passion for communities, and the framework to succeed, young people can transform the world. By building worldwide networks of organizations and supporting infrastructure, while providing pathways to geographic & global citizenship education, the IAYG and CYCLE are working to make that possible.

Emphasising youth

For too long, action in community service, sustainable development, and education policy have focused entirely on young people as beneficiaries, rather than potential agents of change. CYCLE is uniquely youth-centered: based on the idea that young people can achieve anything, our work focuses on unleashing the power of youth to create true community change.


For press and media enquiries, please contact:

Global Communications – CYCLE Liaison Office