The IAYG Clubs Programme connects IAYG geography clubs and student groups in primary and secondary schools, while providing an innovative, tailored clubs curriculum developed by programme development teams. For students without geography & global studies classes in schools – and for those who wish to explore geography further – IAYG clubs offer access to world-class educational opportunity in this critical field.

By extending geographic learning beyond the classroom, the IAYG Clubs Programme offers unparalleled opportunities to introduce geographic perspectives and technologies in depth, engage students in deeper geographic learning activities, and enrich students’ global perspectives. The IAYG Clubs programme provides the materials, framework, and connections between clubs to make that possible – all at no cost, ever. To register for the Clubs programme, fill out the form below.

Register for the Clubs Programme

IAYG clubs are formed in two ways – students, educators, and parents can register a new IAYG club, or an existing club/student group can join the IAYG Clubs system.


Any school club in a primary or secondary school, student group, parent group, or similar organised group that aims to support discovery in geography and/or social studies is eligible for the IAYG Clubs programme.

Programme-linked clubs can join one of three programmes:

Primary: ~ages 5-10

Junior Secondary: ~ages 11-14

Senior Secondary: ~ages 15-18

Clubs can register for multiple programmes if different age groups are covered.