The IAYG Classrooms programme connects geography and social studies classrooms, delivering regular educational materials, explorations, and activities to classrooms at no cost – furthering a vision that every classroom in the world should have access to state-of-the-art materials in geographic, global citizenship, and sustainable development education.

The IAYG advances geographic & global citizenship education that gives young people the opportunity to understand and succeed in the world. By informing how we can use the world around us to solve the world’s most challenging problems, high-quality education in geography and global studies are the fundamental context for sustainable development and global change.

No student should be left behind without opportunity in this field. The IAYG Classrooms programme elevates quality of geography instruction worldwide by offering regular, world-class educational explorations and teaching materials in geography and global studies, connecting classrooms to IAYG programmes, and connecting even the most isolated classrooms in the world to a worldwide network.

Give students a world-class education in geography & global studies and future generations a platform to transform the world. The Classrooms Programme connects your school to regular materials and classroom explorations, IAYG programmes and competitions, and regular state-of-the-art materials in geographic, global citizenship, and sustainable development education – all at no charge.

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The IAYG Classroom of the World is the IAYG’s global connected platform for materials and information-sharing among educators and classrooms worldwide. Geography is a global subject: Classrooms of the World strengthens worldwide connections among classrooms, improves educational expertise, and makes partnerships and projects between classrooms worldwide possible.

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Every month, the IAYG honours a classroom connected to the IAYG (including IAYG University Societies and IAYG-affiliated departments) that are going above and beyond in geographic education, focusing on geography’s ability to transform communities – inspiring students to use their newfound global understanding to bring about change.

For the month of July 2018, we honour Michael Ruoro Njogu and his class at Gathirimu Girls High School in Githunguri, Kiambu County, Kenya. Mr. Njogu and his class have worked with professors at Kenyatta University and the K.U. GIS Club (an IAYG University Society) to train students in GIS technology; the class has even used their understanding of GIS and geographic technology to map their school and create an app to better locate sites in the school community.

Click here to read the full announcement honouring Gathirimu Girls High School. Know a good candidate for an IAYG-linked school? Click here to nominate a school.