The al-Idrisi Research Initiative is the IAYG’s premier research, mentorship, and innovation initiative worldwide. al-Idrisi is an umbrella initiative of the IAYG’s collaborative research, academic mentorship, academic journals, and grants programmes. Geared toward early career geographers and university students, the al-Idrisi Research Initiative advances the field of geography and empowers young people to conduct world-class research.

al-Idrisi Collaborative Research Programme

The al-Idrisi Collaborative Research Programme brings together teams of capable young researchers to work on world-class collaborative projects that advance the role of geography & global studies in improving communities. Geography is a global subject – by bringing together talented university and early career researchers worldwide, the Collaborative Research programme advances research in the field of geography, international collaboration, and opportunities for young people in geographic research.

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al-Idrisi Research Mentorship Programme

The al-Idrisi Research Mentorship Programme pairs young researchers with university professors, experienced researchers, and research advisers from industries across the world to conduct innovative research in geography, geology, and global studies. By elevating the quality of research from young researchers and connecting them to top minds in the field, the Programme aims to unleash the innovation of geography’s future and bring young researchers to the forefront of geography’s impact on the world.

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IAYG Academic Journals Research Programme

The IAYG’s portfolio of academic journals for university students and early career geographers are creating opportunities for world-class research and professional exposure in geography in unprecedented ways. The primary journals in the IAYG family – Dimensions (English-language) and the Revista RELEG (Spanish-language) are the first global academic journals of their kind in geography & global studies entirely built by emerging researchers. Both support world-class, community-changing research by young people – welcoming the contributions of future leaders in geography around the world.

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W. M. Davis Research Grants Programme

In partnership with IAYG funding partners, the IAYG is delighted to introduce the William Morris Davis Research Grants starting in Q1 2019. These grants will be provided to projects conducted through programmes under the al-Idrisi Research initiative, including the al-Idrisi Collaborative Research Programme, al-Idrisi Research Mentorship Programme, and the IAYG Academic Journals Research Programme. Grants will specifically support innovative research from young geographers that address the root causes of issues in communities – investing in geographic research that betters quality of life worldwide.

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Muhammad al-Idrisi, most commonly known as al-Idrisi, transformed the field of geography in the twelfth century. Traveling through the expanse of the Old World, he connected cultures and traditions across the world, and redefined how humans saw each other in the world. Al-Idrisi brought the world closer together in his time. By bringing together researchers around the world to move the field forward, the al-Idrisi Research Initiative (now the IAYG’s umbrella research initiative) is continuing that mission eight centuries later.